Wine Cork Tutorial: DIY Cork Key Chains


DIY Wine Cork Key Chains

Materials Needed:

Split Rings

Screw Eyes

Recycled Wine Corks

Clear Craft Glue

Any wine cork, synthetic or oak, will make great key chains!  We prefer 1″ split rings and screw eyes around 13/16 inch size, but any size will do.  Split rings can be found a craft store like Michaels, and screw eyes can be found at any hardware or home improvement store.

After you have selected your corks, dip the thread of the screw eyes into the clear craft glue before screwing them into the top of the wine cork.  You can make the key chains without the glue, but after awhile the cork can come unscrewed from the screw eye, so adding a little glue to prevent turning is best.

We like to use clear E6000 craft adhesive. It is amazing to work with, and once dry makes an awesome bond with the cork material.  After screwing into the cork, you can wipe off any excess or just leave it, since it will dry clear. It needs at least 24 hours to set.

The next day I slide on the split rings and TA DA we have adorable wine cork key chains!!!


Cork key chains make the perfect gift with a bottle of wine, or as a gift tag on a package for any wine lover.  They have a ton of uses, from identifying boat & spare key sets, to organizing all those reward cards.

So save your corks for this fun, easy craft project!


Love the idea, but aren’t feeling crafty?! We always have cork key chains and cork supplies available in our Etsy shop.



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