Wine Cork Pumpkin Tutorial

wine cork pumpkin

October is here! My favorite month of the year. Cooler weather, pumpkin patches, and my birthday arrive this month!

We started fall crafting last week, and came up with this new wine cork pumpkin tutorial to share.  I love how these little cork pumpkins turned out!


Materials Needed:

24 and a half recycled wine corks

E6000 glue

2-4 artificial fall leaves

The 24 and half corks.

I prefer oak wine corks. They bond with glue better than synthetics, and they can be colored.  You can paint the entire cork orange, paint just the end of the cork orange, or leave them their natural tan color.  Cut one cork in half with a perforated knife and use it for the stem of the pumpkin.



We love this glue when using corks.  First I glued 5 rows of corks together: two rows of 4, two rows of 5, and one row of 6.  Let them dry for an hour or so. E6000 needs at least 24 hours to set, so giving it just a little while to dry will allow the rows to bend but still hold together. Next glue the rows together.


Artificial Leaves.

I took apart some fall greenery that I had in my craft bin, and attached the leaves to the top of the cork pumpkin with the glue.  Then I added the cut wine cork for the stem, and let the pumpkin dry overnight.


My little bees (ages 5 and 8) enjoyed making the pumpkins with me. We added some orange corks to the shop.

pumpkin9 pumpkin10

This month you can use coupon code: BIRTHDAY for 15% off your order.  Expires 10/31/14 

Happy Crafting, Bee




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ToriOctober 5th, 2014 at 3:25 pm

These are too cute!

Gari AnneOctober 5th, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Those are adorable!!

Chasidy HathornOctober 5th, 2014 at 8:06 pm

How adorable! Fabulous upcycle 🙂

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