Tic Tac Cork: Holiday Game Tutorial


Happy Holidays!

Using our favorite craft medium, my daughters and I made this fun tic tac toe board for the holidays this year!!!


Tic Tac Cork Game


Materials Needed:

10 champagne corks


pipe cleaners

googly eyes

painters tape

spray paint

reclaimed cabinet door (or can substitute with piece of felt)


First we painted 5 corks brown and 5 corks white.  Then we decorated them with pipe cleaners and googly eyes to make them look like reindeer and snowmen.

snowmen1 reindeer1

Since we have a ton of reclaimed cabinet doors laying around the workshop, we grabbed a brown flat panel door. Next we used painters tape to make the tic tac toe lines, and then sprayed it with red paint.  Once dry, we removed the painters tape and played our first game!

tictac3 tictac1

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and find time to play a few games with your family!!!

Love, Bee


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