Sustainable Trivets

Beautiful wine cork trivet kits offer a fun do-it-yourself project.  We provide the hardwood frame & instructions; you supply the wine corks & a little imagination!   The best part, our frames are made of sustainable wood!  These hand selected pieces of cherry & maple have been saved from taking up wasteful landfill space.  Scroll down for examples & 5 great uses for your trivet!!!


Please check out our online store for product availability.  Trivets are offered in two different sizes & many different stains. 

Large Trivet Kit needs approx. 40 corks & measure 8.5 x 10 inches.

 Standard Trivet Kit needs approx. 32 corks & measures 9 x 9 inches.

Each kit includes felt pads, a self leveling wall hanger & instructions.

 Completed Kits

Here are some examples of completed kits. See our Tips Section for more ideas!


5 Great Ways to Use Wine Cork Trivets: 

Trivets just aren’t for hot serving dishes anymore! Once used to protect your dining room table from heat damage, trivets have begun to take on new forms.

1. Place plants on them. The wine corks will act as a moisture bluffer & help protect surfaces.

2. Use them for decor. Hang them on the wall or place them on a shelf. Trivets don’t just jazz up a table, displaying unique styles of corks can be very eye catching. Take your time & make a cool pattern (see our helpful TIPS page).

3. Hang a mini bulletin board by the phone or computer. Tack messages, announcements & reminders on it. (We love to attach our holiday menus to the one in our kitchen)!

4. Turn your trivet into a memory box! Collect & write on all your wine corks to remind you of good times spent with friends & family. For example, our friends went on a tour of California’s wine country. They collected & wrote on the corks as they stopped at all the vineyards along the way. They came home & turned their trivet kit into a memory box. What a fun travel keepsake! This idea can be used for a great wedding gift too! Just collect all the corks from the reception & create a custom kit for the bride & groom to help remember their special night!

5. Of course, the traditional way to use a trivet can be quite lovely. Help decorate your table for the holidays by placing a trivet under a pretty dish or centerpeice to give it some height & complete your table settting!

Have you used a trivet for something cool?! Tell us about it!

If we think it’s cool enough we’ll post it on our website & send you a free trivet kit!!!


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