Quick & Frugal DIY Wine Cork Wreath


Hello! I almost forgot how get online to blog.  While we have continued to save wood and make beautiful items for our Etsy shop, but blogging was put on the back burner for traveling and family this year.  However, it’s the holidays and I just had to share this quick, inexpensive DIY wine cork post!!!


DIY Wine Cork Wreath


Approx. 40 wine corks

hot glue / craft glue

floral / craft ring

holiday floral / wreath decorations

wire for wall hanging


I didn’t spend more than $5 and 10 minutes on each wreath!  First, add a wall hanger of some sort. We used left over jewelry wire to make a hanger by looping it through the pre-drilled holes in the craft ring. Twist ties, soda tabs, tiny nails, or even commando hooks can work on the back side of the wreath as well.


Next, lay out your corks on the floral & craft ring. This flat craft ring bonds well with the hot glue, and can be found in the floral section of most craft stores.  You want to lay out your corks because they can be different sizes and you will want shape the corks to best fit the circular shape of the craft ring.


Then start glueing! We used a hot glue gun, but most craft adhesive will also work well with corks and the craft ring surfaces.


Use your holiday floral/decorations to dress up your wreath, and fill any gaps caused by the different sized corks…and you’re done!!!


The floral/craft ring cost me $2.49 and the glitter poinsettias were $0.39 each.  This project is quick, cheap, and lightweight.   You can use it on the table as a centerpiece with candles and vases, or display it on the wall.  We paired one with a bottle of wine and gave it as a holiday gift as well!




Happy Holidays! More craft tutorials coming soon! We just love this time of year.

Thanks, Bee

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You always have a greatest ideas!

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