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Check Out Some of Our Tips for Making Your Trivets & Coasters!

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Create your designed pattern without any glue first. Make one row at a time along the perimeter of the trivet frame.  Place corks horizontally or vertically, one or two at a time.   When you reach the mid section of the trivet, if often becomes like a jigsaw puzzle. You may need to sand or cut the ends of some corks for a better fit. We suggest just exchanging a couple different corks, either for smaller ones to make space or larger corks to take up space. This way you avoid having to sand or cut anything.  Unless you want to & then the next tip is for you.

Cut your corks & turn the red wine stained ends out. Get creative & use this tip to create different patterns in your trivet.  Line corks up in horizational rows & use the cut corks to fill space, form intials or make designs throughout your trivet pattern. We suggest using a small hand saw or a kitchen knife to cut your corks. It can be messy so you might want to put newspaper down or cut your corks outside.  You can also cut & turn out corks on your coasters but take measurements & keep in mind you are wanting to achieve a level surface for your drink.

Paint your Corks.  Add blending gel to your acyrlic paint & you will be able to change the color of the corks without hiding the logos & designs that are on them!  Mix one part blending gel to one part acyrlic paint. Use multiple colors, make a design or randomly place colored corks throughout your pattern. Please note on trivets: if you plan on using it for hot dishes you may not want to paint any of your corks. Great for wall decor & other uses. Please note on coasters: due to condensation we would add acrylic sealer or some method of waterproofing any corks you want to paint.

Check out your corks.  Once you’ve decided on a pattern.  Take a look at your corks as you place them in.  You can turn all the logos & words in the same direction or all in different directions. If you have more than one of the same brand of cork, you can create patterns with the corks as well.  Each cork is unique so remember to give it a quick glance & glue it so the nicer side faces up. 

While collecting your wine corks… Remember to check & see if one end of your wine cork has a design & be sure to place that end into the wine bottle to pick up the red stain. You will still be able to see the design on the cork & create another effect for your trivet pattern.

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