Corky Wednesdays: DIY tabletop corks

Last week we talked about wine corks on the door (wreaths), this week I wanted to share a few corky ideas for your table and counter spaces.


You can use wine corks as fillers to decorate old vases, jars, bowls, pitchers and even wine glasses.


Corks in a bottle Corks
Wine Corks Corks in the Sun


I like to use colored corks for vase fillers as well!  You can paint or dye any OAK corks.



Colored corks can offer a lot of color for fun decorating!



Trivets are a traditional way to show off old wine corks! They can act as a surface protector for plants, hot plates for pots, or just as decorative center pieces.



And we can’t forget about coasters!



Wow! What about pulling up a cork chair to your table?!


wine cork chair in storefront window

You could even put a little message on your tabletop!


53 Wine Corks


Look for more corky ideas next Wednesday when I discuss DIY wine cork CRAFTS!
Thanks, Bee


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Jamie "ChatterBlossom"July 25th, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Great idea! And I love the vase on the top left. What a great shape! Can’t wait for more wine cork crafts next week! 🙂

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