Holiday News 2014


Happy Holidays!  This year seemed to fly by!!! We are thankful to have spent another year saving wood and other beautiful materials.  Each year I love to see what our customers will request.  Here are some of my favorite custom orders in 2014:

Wine Cork Garland Wine Cork Art Reclaimed Cabinet Doors Blue & Purple Craft Corks

Shop News

We will be ON VACATION from November 22nd to December 1st, 2014. Orders placed during this time will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day) on December 2nd when we re-open.  Thank you for your patience.

We are working on a new holiday craft cork tutorial. Look for it on the blog in December!

Here are crafts from previous holidays:

Turkey Day Cork Craft

Wine Cork Christmas Trees

Wine Cork Garland Tutorial

We will be participating in Cyber Monday on Monday December 1st, 2014.  Look for our coupon and sale on the front page of our Etsy shop, or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Many thanks to all our customers, followers, and friends!


Wine Cork Pumpkin Tutorial

wine cork pumpkin

October is here! My favorite month of the year. Cooler weather, pumpkin patches, and my birthday arrive this month!

We started fall crafting last week, and came up with this new wine cork pumpkin tutorial to share.  I love how these little cork pumpkins turned out!


Materials Needed:

24 and a half recycled wine corks

E6000 glue

2-4 artificial fall leaves

The 24 and half corks.

I prefer oak wine corks. They bond with glue better than synthetics, and they can be colored.  You can paint the entire cork orange, paint just the end of the cork orange, or leave them their natural tan color.  Cut one cork in half with a perforated knife and use it for the stem of the pumpkin.



We love this glue when using corks.  First I glued 5 rows of corks together: two rows of 4, two rows of 5, and one row of 6.  Let them dry for an hour or so. E6000 needs at least 24 hours to set, so giving it just a little while to dry will allow the rows to bend but still hold together. Next glue the rows together.


Artificial Leaves.

I took apart some fall greenery that I had in my craft bin, and attached the leaves to the top of the cork pumpkin with the glue.  Then I added the cut wine cork for the stem, and let the pumpkin dry overnight.


My little bees (ages 5 and 8) enjoyed making the pumpkins with me. We added some orange corks to the shop.

pumpkin9 pumpkin10

This month you can use coupon code: BIRTHDAY for 15% off your order.  Expires 10/31/14 

Happy Crafting, Bee




Four Year Anniversary Sale!

In September 2010 we listed our first DIY wine cork trivet in our Etsy shop.  As we start our 4th year of business, we have now sold over 600 items on Etsy!  We have stayed true to our new business goal… only selling reclaimed and recycled wares in our shop. We have saved an amazing amount of precious wood, as well as hundreds of thousands of wine corks through our upcycling efforts over the years.

Through Etsy we have shipped to all but four states: Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Vermont.

Make yours @

Internationally we have shipped to: Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Greece, and Australia!




Help us celebrate! Enter coupon code 4YEARS at checkout to received 20% off your order. $15.00 min. purchase required. Offer expires September 30th, 2014.



Let’s go shopping! We’re giving away a $25 gift certificate to our online Etsy shop.
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Winner will be announced on October 1st, 2014!  $25 can be applied to entire purchase, including shipping.  Must be used by 12/31/14.   No cash value.


We have been inspired by our customers, and thank you all for supporting our small business!

Many thanks, Bee


Wine Cork Art {with a corky DIY tip}

cork canvas

I get so much inspiration from our customers!!!  Most recently I had the pleasure of helping this lovely artist make this impressive wine cork canvas for her outdoor patio.  She cut the corks in half and attached them to a wall canvas, and then protected them with a clear coat of polyurethane.   I love the idea so much I will be starting my own soon! ;)


We have found that the best way to cut corks is with the help of an office binder clip (and of course some sort of perforated knife or hand saw)!  The clip helps create a straight cut and gives you something more to hold on to than a round cork!


Happy Crafting and remember to Save the Corks!



Psst… September 1st is our 4 year anniversary!!  Look for a coupon and sale coming soon.

Repurposing Cabinet Doors


About a year into our salvaging efforts we decided to save cabinet doors.  Not sure what we were going to do with them, we started saving beautiful hardwood doors from becoming landfill waste.  Most of our inventory are 12″ x 12″ cabinet door fronts, although we save all sizes of cabinet doors.  Over the past several years, we have turned them into mirrors, chalkboards, coat/hat racks, jewelry organizers, bulletin boards, wall art and a number of other unique creations! One customer used some of them for a headboard! (See it here).


Most recently however, one of my customer purchased some doors to be used as photo backdrops…

 Labradorite Gemstone Ring by Shades of Gray Designs

Montana Agate and Citrine Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant by Shades of Gray Designs

It was a pleasure to work with the talented Alyssa Gray from Shades of Gray Designs!  We went through dozens of cabinets to find her the perfect colored doors.  Her photos, like her creations, are simply stunning! We love her idea and are honored she used our reclaimed wood in her photography.

Later this week I’ll be sharing a tutorial on wine corks!  Thanks ~Bee



Repurpose Unwanted Candle Holders & Bun Feet – DIY ideas

cara7Repurposed Finds!

Unwanted Candle Holders

Last month, I found two candle holders at the thrift store.  Two solid wood holders for $2!  They were a horrible yellowish brown color (I should have taken a before photo).  Since I was getting ready to throw a baby shower, I gave them a pink makeover.  We used them for decoration (above), and later I used one as a single tier serving platter (below).



           cara1 cara2 cara24

We had a great time at the shower! And the candle holders gave me another idea…

Reclaimed Bun Feet


A bun foot is a slightly flattened ball foot on a piece of furniture.  We have come across dozens of mismatched bun feet during our wood salvaging efforts.  After playing with the candle holders, I thought,  “Why can’t I use our bun feet for the same thing?!”

So, I stained one of our reclaimed bun feet, and grabbed a decorative plate.  Next, I used E-6000, an industrial strength craft adhesive that’s great for bonding wood and glass.  I used a little weight to apply pressure so no air bubbles in the glue would show through the clear glass plate.


We have been pleased with our new single tier plate stand. When thrift shopping, I will be on the hunt for cool glass plates for the extra bun feet we have in stock.


We have used this plate stand several times. My favorite use has been to display the tomatoes from my garden on the kitchen counter!

upcycled_plate1 upcycled_plate6

We love repurposing and will be back online next week to discuss reusing cabinet doors!

Happy crafting, Bee 

May Beekeeping and Summer Coupon!


Our most exciting news to report this month… we were featured on an awesome blog!  Stop by and enter to win this wall hanger gift set! They are including a bar of cedarwood hand soap for the winner as well.  Hurry, the giveaway ends soon!

‘Wood’ you like to win this Giveaway? Prizes from The Wooden Bee and Aquarian Bath

2014 has kept my family extremely busy. Some extra projects have consumed our time, and blogging is always put on the back burner. Don’t worry we have still been saving the wood and taking care of our customers!  We recently salvaged 126 beautiful cabinets doors. They will be turned into frames, bulletin boards, and a number of other fun projects!!!

The online Etsy shop continues to sell out of DIY trivets and coasters kits. While this is a great problem to have, I just wish I had a clone. :)  There are dozens of kits coming together in the workshop and we will have them online by the weekend.


I’m throwing several parties this summer, so be sure to look for new tutorials, like last summer’s tutorial on wall vases.  I’ve already started two new tutorial projects for the blog: wine cork party favors and reclaimed wood candy displays will be showing up soon!!!

For June our blog subscribers can use coupon code: CAMPING at checkout to received 10% off your order.  Hope you find some time to camp out in nature this year. It’s our favorite family getaway! Coupon code expires at midnight on June 30th, 2014.


Thanks, Bee & Family 


April Earth Day Giveaway & Shop News

Hello April!


We took the first quarter of the year off. We have been traveling and enjoying our family and nature, but we are excited to get back in the workshop this month!  New bundles of reclaimed wood are coming in weekly, and we have been busy making new inventory (and lots of saw dust).

April is one of our favorite eco-friendly months!  Earth Day, on Tuesday April 22nd, aims to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s environment.   Since saving unwanted wood and materials is the core of our business, we think it’s a great month to celebrate all things green!  Our blog will be hosting several eco giveaways and our shop will be offering a special Earth Day Sale!

We are continuing to replenish our DIY wine cork kits, as they continued to be very popular items in our Etsy shop!  We also have plans for more wine cork tutorials this month!

So let’s get celebrating… here is our first Earth Day Giveaway! Go shopping for eco-friendly home decor with a $25 gift certificate to our online shop.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends at midnight on April 21st, 2014.  Winner will be announced on Earth Day!  Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents 18 years of age.  Gift certificate expires six months from the date it is issued, and cannot be used for custom orders.

Look for new reclaimed wood inventory and more giveaways all month long!

Inspired to recycle & thankful for our loyal customers,

Bee & Family



January Wine Rack Giveaway

Happy New Year! We are excited for the opportunity to continue to upcycle wood and corks in 2014!  We are already receiving new bundles of reclaimed wood and working on some new inventory for our online shop!  Our DIY coasters and trivets were depleted after the holiday rush! (Awesome).

To kick off the New Year we are honored to host a fantastic giveaway!  Movie Vinyl is giving away not one, but TWO Upcycled Vinyl Record Wine Racks to our subscribers and followers!!! I love these fun wall organizers. I could think of several ways to use them, but let the creator Shawn from Movie Vinyl, tell you all about them…

“This set of 2 LPs has been upcycled into a small wine rack. Each record can hold one full bottle of wine (they work best with Bordeaux and Alsace style wine bottles).  If wine isn’t your thing, they can also serve as unique wall organizers and can hold mail, magazines, pictures, vinyl albums and other miscellanea in your home, office or apartment.

The center hole on the vinyl records makes them easy to mount with a nail, screw or even a thumb tack (depending on where you mount it and what you will use it for). Photos illustrate what you can do with a simple screw. A screw or nail is recommended if using records to hold wine. No playable album was harmed in the making of this item. All LPs used to created these items are in overall poor condition and generally unplayable.”

Movie Vinyl is a Los Angeles based Etsy shop selling rare vintage movie soundtracks as well as handmade vinyl goodies! Let the giving begin…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck, Bee!

Corky Wednesdays: Cork Ideas from our Customers

One of my favorite things about selling crafting supplies is hearing how my customers use them, and sometimes I even get pictures!!!

This month’s Corky Wednesdays post is dedicated to some amazing customers, who like myself, love to craft with corks! Here are their ideas…

And isn’t this customer picture amazing?!  A very talented customer named Jackee, gives me updates on her creations all the time!

The craft supply sector of our upcycled shop has grown by leaps and bounds in 2013. We are thankful for all our eco-friendly customers!

Be sure to save your corks, you never know what they will become!  ~Bee

Find more corky ideas on our Pinterest Board: WINE CORKS!



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